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bluetooth wireless stereo audio equipment(sc-speaker-603)
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bluetooth wireless stereo audio equipment(sc-speaker-603)

Product Functions & Featrues:
Name:bluetooth wireless stereo audio equipment
Model No.:sc-speaker-603
Memo:bluetooth, wireless, stereo, audio equipment
Country of Origin: China
Export Markets: Worldwide

1.Bluetooth synchronous broadcasting functions.
2.Compatible with various bluetooth phones, MP3/MP4/CD/PC/MAC/PSP,etc.
3.Built-in lithium battery.

Technical Specifications:
1.Input sensitivity: 300MV
2.Frequency range:80Hz~20KHz
3.Signal-to-noise ratio:>76dB
4.Power supply: USB Power
5.Rated power:2.5w*2
6: Dimension: D=175mm*55 (mm)
7:Net weight: 400g

Other Informations:

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