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Disco Laser MP3 Player(sc-lsl-1010)
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Disco Laser MP3 Player(sc-lsl-1010)

Product Functions & Featrues:
Name:Disco Laser MP3 Player
Model No.:sc-lsl-1010
Memo:Disco, Laser, MP3 Player
Country of Origin: China
Export Markets: Worldwide

Packing List:
1.Stage laser and music player 1pc
2.AC Power 1pc
3.Manual 1pc
4.Gimbal 1pc
5.Remote controller 1pc
6.USB controller 1 pc

Size of the player:216X193X55mm, Size of the inner box:260x225x75mm

Body colour: white, black Gross Weight:0.9kg/box

Laser pattern: Star sky (Red+Green)

Power supply: input 100-240V AC 50/6Hz, output DC5V/1.5A

Music format supported:MP3, Memory:1G

Speaker Spec:3WX2

Power of laser:Red laser <100mW(650nm), Green laser <50mW(532nm).

How to settle the Common Problem?
1.The light spot seemed fuzzy: Please use cotton swabs to clean the lenses.

2.There is no voice when playing:Press"Power On/Off"to turn off the voice, then Press again to open it. After 3 seconds,Press"Mp3 Play/Pause",then turn the"VOL+/-to the medium or loudest."

Used for Home Party,Birthday Party, Wedding Celebragion, Disco ,KTV, and so on...to create a romantic atmosphere.

It's a MP3 with 1G memory and Laser , you can use it as a Audio Amplifier. There are thousands red and green laser light moving and changing when you are playing the music, just like the starlit.There are 3 mode of the laser light for your choice. It can running as per the rhythm of musice, or it can running uniformly, or it can just stop. This player can bring you a fantastic feel not only for your hearing , but also for your visual.

1.Please use this product strictly accordance to the manual, unauthorized demolition of the warranty.

2.Please keep the environment to be waterproof, moisture.shock and not in the dusty,the laser's normal working environment temperature is 10~40íŠ, beyond this temperature range,laser light may be an exception.

3.Don't look at the laser straightly. Not to use the Microscope or Telescope equipment to observe the laser light source, to prevent the increased risk.

1.Counterfeit this patented products must be held accountable by law.

2.All users must abide by the use of manual and pay attention to matters of safe operation, any violating the user's manual and note the relevant legal issues arising from the ComPany bears no legal responsibility for any product damage caused due to misuse is not in the scope of the company's warranty inside.

3.The danger rating of this product is Class IIIB, any breach of this level use requirements arising from damage to the human body will not be held legally responsible for the company.


Other Informations:

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